A Bumpy Path: Capturing My Wife's Pregnancy / by Chase Hoffman

As my friends know, my wife and I are expecting our child to be born soon (due date is tomorrow!). During her pregnancy, we wanted to capture the progression of our child's growth. The goal was to shoot the same photo once every two weeks of Laura in the same dress in the same room. After we had captured several weeks in a row, we'd combine them all into one gird to share.

That idea seems simple enough, but an additional challenge was presented along the way. Back in late September, we learned that I would need arm surgeries for radial tunnel syndrome in each of my arms. We elected to do the surgeries as soon as possible so that I could be healed before our child was born. The surgeries themselves went well, but the recovery was difficult. I was mopey, drugged up and unable to help myself most of the time. Laura deserves a huge amount of credit for helping me while she was pregnant.

It was a pretty difficult challenge trying to keep up with the photos every two weeks. The most difficult photos required me to communicate to Laura how to position the camera on the tripod while also having to go back to her spot to be the subject. But we persisted. Today, we finally get to share the results with you.

Also, a big thanks to my brother and uncle-to-be Alex (his website) for doing the final assembly.